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Block Structure

Fields marked with * are fields which are not present in the original Bitcoin's block structure. All other fields can be found in Bitcoin's block structure specification. You can also refer to this blog article for a more complete description of the different fields.

Field Description Size
Magic Bytes 0xE6E8E9E5 (in production environment) 4 bytes
Blocksize Contains the length (in bytes) of the block starting from this field 4 bytes
Version Number Expected to be equal to 1 4 bytes
Hash Previous Block SHA256 hash of the 'previous' block 32 bytes
Hash Merkle Root See 32 bytes
Time The creation time of this block 4 bytes
Target Diff Bits Target difficulty, see 4 bytes
Nonce Random number, see 4 bytes
Transaction Counter Variable Length Integer 1 - 9 bytes
Transactions the (non empty) list of transactions <Transaction Counter>-many transactions
* Block Signature Size Variable Length Integer block signature - signed by coin base txout[0]'s owner. 1 - 9 bytes
* Block Signature Raw byte code data for the block signature <Block Signature Size> bytes