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Source code

The ComputeNextStakeModifier function code can be found in the kernel.cpp file (v0.4.0ppc).


Stake Modifier (hash modifier of proof-of-stake):

The purpose of stake modifier is to prevent a txout (coin) owner from computing future proof-of-stake generated by this txout at the time of transaction confirmation. To meet kernel protocol, the txout must hash with a future stake modifier to generate the proof.

Stake modifier consists of bits each of which is contributed from a selected block of a given block group in the past.

The selection of a block is based on a hash of the block's proof-hash and the previous stake modifier.

Stake modifier is recomputed at a fixed time interval instead of every block. This is to make it difficult for an attacker to gain control of additional bits in the stake modifier, even after generating a chain of blocks.



Name Type Description
pindexCurrent const CBlockIndex*
nStakeModifier uint64& The returned stake modifier
fGeneratedStakeModifier bool& The returned stake generated flag

Return value

Type Description
bool true if stake modifier was successfully generated, otherwise false


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