GetKernelStakeModifier function

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Peercoin code

The GetKernelStakeModifier function code can be found in the kernel.cpp file (v0.4.0ppc).


The stake modifier used to hash for a stake kernel is chosen as the stake modifier about a selection interval later than the coin generating the kernel.



Name Type Description
hashBlockFrom uint256 The hash of the block the stake is originating from
nStakeModifier uint64& The returned stake modifier
nStakeModifierHeight int& The height of the stake modifier block
nStakeModifierTime int64& The time of the stake modifier block
fPrintProofOfStake bool Flag for logging

Return value

Type Description
bool true if the kernel stake modifier was successfully found, otherwise false


What is the peercoin kernel stake modifier?
What is the peercoin selection interval?
What is the GetStakeModifierSelectionInterval function?
The GetStakeModifierSelectionInterval function will be described in detail here
What is the block index GeneratedStakeModifier method used for?
Checks that the BLOCK_STAKE_MODIFIER flag is set for this block index and so can be used as stake modifier

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