GetStakeModifierSelectionInterval function

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Source code

The GetStakeModifierSelectionInterval function code can be found in the kernel.cpp file (v0.4.0ppc).


Get stake modifier selection interval (in seconds)


Return value

Type Description
int64 The stake modifier selection interval in seconds


Why is this stake modifier selection interval recalculated every time?
Looks like it could be calculated once and for all for each network type. What do you think?
What are the length of the stake modifier selection interval for mainnet and testnet networks?
mainnet: 761920 seconds (8d19h38m40s), testnet: 42301 seconds (11h45mn01s)
Which gives in number of PoS blocks: mainnet: ~1270 blocks, testnet: ~70 blocks
What is the GetStakeModifierSelectionIntervalSection function used for?
The GetStakeModifierSelectionIntervalSection function is described in detail here <TODO>

Feel free to add your own questions in this FAQ