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Peercoin in Go, donations accepted here.

Ppcsuite needs funding to implement Peercoin v0.5 protocol update !

ppcsuite : a peercoin port of the btcsuite tools written in Go


  • Facilitate Peercoin integration into the Open Transactions (OT) project (main goal).
  • Allow Counterparty financial platform to be easily ported to Peercoin.
  • Also facilitate Peercoin integration with other exchanges or payment processors.

Project phases (draft)

  • Having ppcd running ok (mining optional) (being tested)
  • Having ppcwallet running ok (work in progress)
  • Having minting enabled in ppcwallet (work in progress)

Advantages of Go language over C/C++

  • Integrated test infrastructure
  • Platform independent code
  • Simpler parallelism and excellent support for concurrency
  • No active memory management which leads to eliminating an entire class of the most common security vulnerabilities like buffer overflows
  • Built-in profiling and documentation facilities
  • Significantly faster compilation times
  • Standard formatting

For developers

Related forum thread: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3145

ppcd : a peercoin btcd port

Port of Btcsuite alternative bitcoin node implementation written in Go to Peercoin.

Must read: What are the benefits of using btcd instead of bitcoind?

ppcd GitHub repository

Developer notes for unit tests

ppcwallet : a peercoin btcwallet port

Port of Btcsuite alternative bitcoin wallet implementation written in Go to Peercoin.

ppcwallet GitHub repository


Beware that the ppcsuite project is highly experimental and that ppcd and ppcwallet software are NOT production ready yet. Use at your own risk.

Latest sources and binaries are available on GitHub:

Linux and OS X builders wanted.

Useful links

Developers, come join us on the Freenode #peercoin-wizards IRC channel!