Using multisig with Peerunity

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You can access multisig graphic interface in latest builds of Peerunity. Open Peerunity, click on File - Multisig. Now you see Multisig interface.

How to create Multisig address

In this example, I will walk you trough creating 2/3 multisig address. On your screen you see two tables, each containing "Public key", "Address" and "Label".

First click "+ Add public key" button, this will make three input fields. Then enter number 2 in the "Required signatures" field.

In the first table, we will first make input in "Address field". You can click book-like icon on the right side to load address from your address book. When you do so, other fields will be auto-populated.

Your partners will need to do the same and copy their entries to you. When you exchange information properly make final check to reduce chance of error and finally click on "Create multisig address" button.

Now multisig address is created, confirm that all of you got the same address.

Finally click "Add address to wallet" in lower right to have it listed in your address book.

That is it, now you have your 2/3 multisig address.